Mile High Mountaineering- Divide 55 Backpack Features

Check out the innovative features of the MHM Divide 55 liter backpack

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7 Responses to “Mile High Mountaineering- Divide 55 Backpack Features”

  1. dmacken11 says:

    Damn that is a NICE pack. Where did you get it? And how much did it cost? I’m gonna have to look that one up.

  2. mhmgear says:

    @dmacken11 Thanks, we’re glad that you like our packs! We are a new company from Denver, CO and our packs will be available this spring in early March. This pack will retail for $249. Check out our website at mhmgear dot com and fan us on facebook for all the latest updates and more info on our packs

  3. dmacken11 says:

    @mhmgear Love the Quick Sack Stuff Sack. I’m wondering if that is waterproof? It does not appear to be. For me I like to know that my sleeping bag will be protected no matter what happens. This would be a great design element you may want to consider. But wow that is certainly a well designed innovative pack.

  4. mhmgear says:

    @dmacken11 Thanks! The quick stuff is one of our favorite features as well. It is not currently waterproof but it is very water resistant as we us a heavy 80g Polyurethane coating on the fabric. We actually do plan on making this compartment fully sealed and waterproof when we redesign the packs though.

  5. dmacken11 says:

    @mhmgear – Fantastic! Now I want one even more. I watched this video some months ago when I first started backpacking and never go without a waterproof stuffed sleeping bag since seeing this poor bastard…
    Search You tube for “kspotquake” and watch “Matt’s creek crossing fail”
    LOL It’s like “wait for it…wait for it…..”

  6. freewill51 says:

    Holy owned and operated! You guys are putting out a COOL looking backpack. How are you going to survive after all of the other big name companies put out a contract on you? Don’t you know that packs should be boring and have useless features? (like water bottle pockets that you can’t even reach!) I can’t wait to try one of these.

  7. mhmgear says:

    @freewill51 Thanks! haha if the big guys are concerned enough to put a hit on us then we’ve done our job! We’re definitely aware that packs should be boring and have useless features, it has been like that for years and why change!? Change is bad! haha but yeah constant frustration of the crap that these big companies pump out is what inspired us to do things different… We actually hike and talk to users rather than analyze trend forecasts, it’s that simple! lol

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