Large Frame Backpacks: Kelty Super Tioga Part 2

PART 2 of 3: An external frame pack will serve most backpackers needs. In fact its usually the best choice vs an internal frame pack despite what many biased salesman and outdoor magazines promote. Thanks to such disinformation, the frame pack is often thought of as a old-fashioned and outdated packing option and the shelves of todays outdoor stores reflect that misguided philosophy. Large frame packs, carrying around 5000 cubic inches, are hard to find and usually have to be ordered off the Internet, if you can find one. Thats too bad because the large frame pack is indeed problem solver for extended trips. Nutnfancys reference large frame backpack is the outstanding Kelty Super Tioga, proven on many an expedition into the high country. Sadly its been superceded by subsequent models (however Tiogas are still available under different nomenclatures) but a review of its features in this three part series could help perspective pack buyers to home in on similarly equipped frame packs. And a pack like this is usually necessary to accommodate large amounts of gear needed for 5 day plus trips (unless minimalist gear is carried). It has lots of advantages over an internal frame pack: lashing capability to frame for all kinds of gear, easier to pack, compartmentalization and pockets aid organization and proper weight distribution, pockets with with a flow-thru back will secure long items (like guns, fishing poles, paddles, saws, etc), excellent ventilation behind back, rigidity

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25 Responses to “Large Frame Backpacks: Kelty Super Tioga Part 2”

  1. sc00ny says:

    Very informative. Every beginner should see this vid. I’ve picked up a few points from this.

  2. jeepnicc says:

    Cool man. I want a new Tioga!

  3. IsolationIsolation says:

    lol @ 9:10. Looks like a very good pack indeed. Do they come in smaller sizes though?

  4. adamrosio08 says:

    Hey nutn, I wanna plan on a backpack trip next spring here in wisconsin. Where do I start to look at where I can go. I wanna do a deep woods, are state parks good? or just plain government land?

  5. TeddyPN says:

    nutnfancy do you think i should buy the tioga 5500 pack for just getting in to backpacking or go with something smaller

  6. DarthPulven says:

    why not a compresion bag for the dog sleeping bag ??

  7. mysticalwoodsman says:

    google kelty trekker

  8. mysticalwoodsman says:

    If you want to do a “deep woods”, the only way to do that is if you know how to use map and compass, or use that insync with a gps unit and go bushwacking. :o )

  9. jordantheok says:

    9 minits in funny as heck

  10. chushinryoku says:

    Depends on how many days you plan on going for man. That’s a huge bag. Are you also tall enough to handle it?

  11. streetpunk99 says:

    @freewill51 i think it has something to do with keeping your center mass as close to your core as possible. I found a video on youtube where a guy does explain why heavy higher is better and even has a little diagram to prove his point. and it does really make sense.

  12. freewill51 says:

    @streetpunk99 I see what they’re saying. That makes sense on a long upright hike/walk. I hiked in Arkansas last weekend and I was leaning forward more and more as I got worn out. Nutnfancy does speak the truth. Keep up the great videos.

  13. InTheSticks1881 says:

    LOL. Great sound effects! Got my eyes on the Kelty 5000. Some still out there and on sale. Thanks

  14. darren669williams says:

    this guy knows his stuff

  15. SavageShooter93 says:

    Nutnfancy…. You are the most entertaining reviewer ive seen to date ive watched hours and hours of your vids in the last week, you are serious and funny at the same time with your sound effects great stuff your my kind of camper too, comfortable and prepare. keep up the great work

  16. XdannyandfriendsX says:

    Isnt the Kelty Tioga 5000 basically the same thing?

  17. cnthunder9 says:

    Hard to find good frame packs from backpacking and hiking companies. However lots of hunters still use them and thus you can get them from hunting companies as long as you don’t mind it being either camo or green. Cabelas has them in 5000 cubes and 5300 cubes. Their Alaskan Outfitter and Alaskan Guide line to be specific. A data point for you guys that are in the frame pack market and can’t seem to find one at REI or other stores like that.
    Keep up the good work Nutn.

  18. TheTacticalsurvivor says:

    Im going to invest into a new tioga soon but where do you recommend i get it from?

  19. lehtoc says:

    I just found a Super Tioga on Craigslist for $20. I felt like I was robbing the guy. I haven’t taken it out yet, but it seems every bit as good as nutn explains in this series. I was just at REI and I was surprised that 95% or more of the packs for sale were all internal frame.

  20. assholebjorn says:

    You americans have seriously small packs, get yourself a norønna recon pack, 125 liter pack used by the norwegian special forces…no more packing all the big gear on the outside of the pack

  21. slodeth5 says:

    I really enjoyed this video, mostly because you’re a fine speaker and nostalgic. This video took me back forty or more years to when I first started backpacking as a kid. I traded my old frame pack for a bicycle years ago, but lately I’ve been trying to find a nice old one from a second hand store, just for nostagia reasons. I have to say, though, I could never go back to a frame pack for any real trailing. When I can head into the wood for five days with 20 lbs, lightweight beats all.

  22. xXbackcountryXx says:

    I just realized my backpack has no features.

  23. littlejayhawk96 says:

    do you have any reviews on gps’s

  24. littlejayhawk96 says:

    What sleeping bag is that

  25. nicholestewart1 says:

    Cute chubby girls want to meet you online

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